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5 Sun Safe Top Tips

2 Min Read Friday 20th May 2016

We finish May’s Therapist of the Month with 5 sun safe top tips from our lovely Nina Warden.√Ǭ† Here’s what she has to say:


We know how good the sun makes us feel, brighter, happier and generally healthier. However we need to make sure we look after ourselves whilst we are in it. Here are my top tips on how you can stay safe in the sun.

Use the right sunscreen…

For the ultimate coverage, look for SPF25 and upwards. This will protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are those that penetrate the deeper layer of the skin which leads to premature ageing and suppression of the immune system. UVB Rays cause the superficial layers of the skin to become red and sunburnt.

Cover up…

I’m not suggesting for a second that you want to cover yourself from head to toe, however loose clothing and a hat will work wonders for giving you a break from the midday sun. There are lots of beautiful sarongs and sun-hats on the high street at the moment, perfect for all you fashionistas.

Take time out…

Taking time out of the sun will be something your skin will thank you for. The midday sun can be extremely hot so always pay attention to your shadow; if your shadow is shorter than you are, then it’s time to take a rest from the sun.

Be comfortable in your own skin…

If your skin feels like it’s starting to burn, then head for some shade and re-apply your sunscreen. It’s recommended that sunscreen should be applied at least half an hour before exposing your skin to sun and if you are covering your whole body, the equivalent of two tablespoonfuls should be applied. Remember to re-apply generously throughout the day too.

Be safe and go faux…

We all know that tanned skin makes us look great and feel amazing, but you can avoid all the damage that can be caused by the sun and treat you and your skin to a spray tan. You’ll avoid all the peeling, looking like a lobster and the pain that’s caused by over exposure to the sun. A spray tan gives you the gorgeous glow we all love but without those added extras of premature ageing and skin cancer.

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