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5 reasons to invest in a spray tanning kit

3 Min Read Tuesday 14th May 2019

Ever bought a meal-planning kit? The ones that arrive at your door with all the ingredients you need to put together a delicious dinner with none of the time-consuming grocery shopping bit and all within budget? That’s what professional spray tanning kits are like; a smart shortcut that saves you on time, money and effort but garners excellent results with none of the prep. Here’s why you should invest in a spray tanning kit:

Value for money

Buying your solution, cubicle and machine (plus lots of extra essentials) in one handy package costs less than purchasing each item separately. It makes sense to go for the cost-effective option and make a saving by ordering a kit that ticks all your boxes.

All-in-one bundles

Kits combine everything you need in a single bundle so you won’t need to purchase additional bits and pieces to get the ball rolling. This is especially useful if you’re new to the business and feel confused about what to buy and how to get trained up in the first place. For example, our¬†Bronze Professional Tan Kit Package is perfect for start-ups because it comes with Level One spray tan training — you can start tanning immediately with the solution, machine, pop-up tent, pre and post tan products and promo materials included. It’s like having someone hold your hand along the way when you’re unsure of your next steps.

Place one order!

Who wants to faff around buying solution, uniforms, machines and consultation cards individually and waiting for each item to arrive one by one in the post? Why not use your time more effectively and place a single order for a kit that includes everything but the kitchen sink and comes with free next working day delivery?

Move up the ladder

Once you’ve grown out of your Bronze Kit you can move up to the Silver Kit, which includes more solution and promotional materials, and then onto the Gold Kit, which includes extra retail products and spray tan training from Level One to Masterclass! There’s nothing stopping you from progressing to the next stage and our different kit levels will give you all the support you need to keep moving onwards and upwards.

Retail extras

Sell the retail products included in some of our tanning kits and make a killing! We’ve even put together an entire kit of retail products alone! Place them by your tills to encourage impulse purchases and your profits will soon rise with little extra legwork.

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