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6 reasons to choose Sienna X tanning solution

2 Min Read Tuesday 5th March 2019

Confused about which tanning solution to select for your spray tan salon? Choose Sienna X! Why? Because we’ve made it our business to develop, perfect, try and test the ultimate tanning products for salons that want the very best for their business without breaking the bank. Here are five more reasons to choose us:

Huge range of award-winning solutions

With a selection of solutions ranging from 6% to 16% DHA (plus a super-fast 1 hour tanner!) there’s a Sienna X glow for everyone. Got a client who’s looking for the subtlest sun-kissed hue, a golden caramel finish or a deep burnished bronze? There’s a guaranteed customisable colour to suit every skin tone.

Ultra-fast drying time

No one wants to be stuck in disposable underwear for ages looking like ‘John Wayne’ while their fake tan dries; it’s uncomfortable and cold! Sienna X solutions have a short drying time, which means clients can pop their clothes back on within 10 minutes and therapists can usher another customer into the booth almost immediately.

Moisturisingly rich

A blend of skin-nourishing natural active ingredients, Sienna X solutions are moisturing, anti-ageing and beautifully fragranced. Packed with Vitamin A, E, aloe vera and organic avocado, our self-tanning products are a real treat for the skin, lending it a radiant softness on top of a gorgeous glow.

Affordable and competitive

Our premium tanning solutions are set at an affordable rate without sacrificing on quality. What’s more, our nourishing formulations are designed to reduce overspray, allowing therapists to administer an even application of product with very little waste. What’s the upshot? More cost-effective applications per bottle!

Vegan & Cruelty-Free!

Did you know that the entire range of Sienna X Tanning Solutions are completely Vegan & Cruelty-Free?! Formulated with only natural ingredients, it means that your clients have more options available to them.

Brilliant customer service

Attentive, knowledgeable and always ready to go the extra mile, the Sienna X team offer fantastic support to every customer. From the smallest of mobile tanning businesses to the biggest of salons with a series of nationwide branches, our staff make it their mission to set you up with the right kit, process your orders at speed and offer advice and guidance whenever requested. There’s no better team to handle your tanning queries.

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