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5 facts about waxing

2 Min Read Wednesday 5th October 2016


  1. Waxing doubles up as a quick exfoliating treatment! Warm wax removes the dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin in a single motion, leaving it feeling gorgeously soft and smooth. That means you get two skin-pampering treatments in the time it takes to complete one!
  1. Because wax removes hair from the root you’ll avoid those annoying cuts, nicks and abrasions that can occur during shaving.
  1. Plus, when your hair grows back it will feel fine and soft, rather than stubbly, blunt and hard. That’s why waxing has become such a popular treatment, especially around sensitive areas like the bikini line, upper lip and chin. New hair growth that has a tapered tip isn’t as noticeable as shaved hair and won’t feel itchy and tough, making it gentler on sensitive skin and suitable for intimate areas.
  1. Waxing is useful for sufferers of dry skin conditions, like eczema, too. Removing unwanted hair once a month, rather than shaving throughout the week and repeatedly irritating sore areas, is much kinder to the skin.
  1. Face waxing, particularly eyebrow waxing, can sculpt and define your face by framing the eyes and lifting the browbone. Tackling unruly hairs will give you a polished look and draw attention to your cheekbones too. You get an instant facelift in less than 15 minutes!



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