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4 ways to maintain your fake tan all year round

2 Min Read Thursday 28th November 2019

A well-maintained fake tan can last up to a week with the proper care. And if you’re smart enough you’ll be able to seamlessly move onto a fresh application of tanner without your golden glow looking patchy and uneven in the run up. Here’s how:

Moisturise daily

Dry skin is the arch enemy of fake tan. The drier your skin, the quicker your skin cells will flake off and take your caramel colour away with them. Boost the lifespan of your tan by moisturising everyday to nourish, soften and brighten your skin. This is easy over the winter months when parched skin is crying out for some hydrating lotion. When the summer arrives continue to moisturise as often as you can or perhaps switch to a moisturising shower gel, fast-absorbing oil or a nourishing bath product that moisturises while you have a quick soak.

Avoid long showers and pools

Hot water, chlorine in swimming pools and steam rooms can strip off your tan prematurely. Go for short showers in warm water and quick dips to guarantee your colour lasts for that all important extra day or two. If your heading to the beach over the summer, slather on waterproof sunscreen to protect your tan and safeguard your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Make use of top-up tanning products

It’s tricky to avoid your tan fading faster in some areas than others. Your hands and face come into contact with ‘tan-strippers’ like water, soap and cleansers more often than the rest of your body. When your tan begins to fade and starts to look uneven, top up your colour with Sleep Tanning Drops or 1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Mist to prolong the life of your tan.

Exfoliate a day before your treatment

Remember to exfoliate a day before the next time you tan to prep your skin. A quick exfoliation will remove dead skin cells, ensuring that your tanner is applied to fresh cells with a longer life cycle. It will also remove any signs of a previous fading tan so your tanner can glide on effortlessly and look even from top to toe.

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