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3 ways to soften a fake tan

2 Min Read Friday 7th October 2016

Has your fake tan developed a shade darker than you’d like? Or did you apply it too quickly, miss bits or overdo it on some areas by accident? Here’s how to soften your tan and encourage an even wear-off:

  1. Use a mild exfoliator in the shower to encourage your tan to mellow out. Polishing Body Scrub is perfect because it contains fine pumice, which is gentle on the skin and lightly softens any darker patches without stripping the colour off entirely. Continue to use a small amount of the scrub over the course of a few days rather than a lot in a single session so you can slowly reduce the intensity of your tan.
  2. Visit the sauna or swimming pool to turn your tan down a notch. The chlorine in a pool will dampen down some of the colour but remember to take a quick dip rather than a leisurely swim to retain the essence of your gorgeous glow. The steam room or sauna will also soften your tan as your skin perspires in the heat.
  3. Make a mixture of lemon juice and baking powder and apply a light layer of it over your skin (or over any areas that are particularly dark). The natural qualities of the lemon juice will remove some of your tan and leave it looking lighter and softer.

3 key ways to avoid a patchy tan from the outset:

  • Exfoliate a day before your tan to remove dead skin cells
  • Take the time to apply your tanner slowly so you don’t miss out any areas
  • Blend, blend, blend with your tanning mitt as you go along!

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