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3 ways to add a festive feel to facials

2 Min Read Thursday 19th December 2019

‘Tis the season to treat your clients to a sprinkling of festive cheer. Here are three merry ideas to help lend your facial treatments a touch of Christmas sparkle this December:

  • Seasonal scents, like warm cinnamon, fresh mandarin, spicy clove and sweet gingerbread, are brilliant for lending your salon a festive atmosphere in the run up to the big day. Light fragranced candles before your client arrives to give the treatment room a yuletide feel, prep some aromatherapy oils, spritz a scented mist over the beauty bed or set up a diffuser nearby.
  • Switch your relaxing spa soundtrack to some traditional hymns or well-known yuletide tracks sung by old-school crooners. Choose songs that won’t disrupt the tranquil nature of the treatment you’re delivering and keep the sound on low to create a calming, atmospheric backdrop.
  • Select warming products that nourish, moisturise and protect. For example, adding a conditioning oil into your facial treatments is ideal for combating the drying effect that the frosty Christmas weather can have on the skin. Gently massage a few drops of oil into the skin or combine with a moisturiser or mask to create your own richly customised blend. This simple addition will turn your facial treatments up a notch, lend them a premium profile and make your client feel expertly pampered just in time for the holidays.

Finally, why not keep some delicious treats at the till to offer to your clients as they leave your salon? Simple mince pies, individually-wrapped chocolates or iced cookies are perfect for sharing and offer a practical way to show your clients how much you value their custom.

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