3 reasons to get your brows waxed for the summer

2 Min Read Thursday 1st August 2019

On the fence about trying eyebrow waxing? Let us tip you onto the right side with this a trio of reasons why you should experiment with eyebrow waxing this summer:

Wear less make up

Wearing concealer and thick foundation tends to feel heavy and sweaty on the skin when the sun’s out. Team your natural look with a brow-shaping wax to instantly lend your face a groomed finish with none of the daily effort that comes with tweezing. A neater brow makes the face look cleaner, especially when you’re not relying on your regular make up items to hide blemishes and uneven pigmentation. Plus, your brighter brows will better define your eyes, even when you’re not wearing eyeliner and mascara.

Ditch the tweezers

When there are sandy beaches to walk along, seasides to swim in and long alfresco lunches to be eaten that extend well into the late afternoon, who’s got the time to be plucking their eyebrows in the morning? Book in for a quick appointment at a salon and you’ll be able to avoid your tweezers for weeks.

Flaunt a fresh face

If winter is about layers and bundling up, then summer is about freshness and freedom. A well-groomed brow is perfect for opening up the face, showcasing your eyes and accentuating the natural contours of your brow bone and cheekbones, which is exactly what you need when your having some carefree fun at the beach. Pair your beachy waves with fresher-looking skin and you’re onto a summer winner.

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