3 benefits of using setting gel on your brows

2 Min Read Monday 28th January 2019

Is it really worth adding more faffy bits to your beauty routine? From eyelash thickeners and lip plumpers to charcoal face masks and bust sculptors, it’s hard to know which products are worth taking on the extra effort for.

Eyebrow setting gel is one of those beauty essentials that definitely deserves its pride of place in your cosmetics bag if you want to create a glamorous brow. Plus, it only adds 10 seconds onto your existing brow game and is dead easy to apply. Here’s why setting gel is a brilliant beauty buy that’s here to stay for good:

Adds texture and bulk

Setting gel creates the illusion of thicker-looking brows by adding a thin coating of product across the brow line. This also works to highlight and lift the natural texture of the brows, helping them to look instantly heavier.

Maintains brow shape

You’ve trimmed and tamed your brows; now hand the reins over to your setting gel to maintain their body and prevent any unruly bits from sticking out and ruining the shape you’ve worked so hard to create.

Defines and control hairs

Slick a coat of eyebrow gel over your brows in the morning to keep them in check for the entire day. A fast-setting gel holds individual hairs in place and lends the brows a groomed finish without looking sticky, waxy or oily.

Order Sienna X eyebrow fixing serum here to give your brows the extra oomph you’ve been looking for. It comes as a duo wand with a sculpting brow pencil on the other end so you get two products in one convenient slimline package!

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