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19 golden rules of tanning

2 Min Read Wednesday 19th November 2014

A simple tanning guide for beginners.

A fuss-free set of useful tips.


Here’s a step-be-step guide to achieving a gorgeous fake tan at home with none of the extra boring bits. *The key is to prep your skin beforehand and give yourself plenty of time to apply your sunless tan in a comfortable space.*

  1. Exfoliate the night before.
  2. Remove unwanted hair.
  3. Avoid using perfumes and deodorants on the day.
  4. Apply petroleum jelly or nail varnish to your fingernails and toenails to prevent staining.
  5. If you’re tanning before bed remember to brush your teeth and lay out your old pyjamas.
  6. Push your hair back with a headband.
  7. Make sure to start tanning in a brightly lit space where you have access to a mirror.
  8. Pump a small amount of product onto your tanning mitt to begin with.
  9. Start applying the tanner to your feet and move upwards.
  10. Glide the product over the skin and gently buff in.
  11. Avoid areas like the sides of the feet and the soles to create a natural-looking finish.
  12. Mix a touch of moisturiser into your tanner to loosen the formula when applying to dry areas like the ankles and elbows.
  13. Get someone to help you to tan your back if you can…
  14.  …but a little stretching and the aid of a good mirror should help you cover all areas.
  15. Let the tanner dry before putting your clothes back on.
  16. Once the colour has developed use a gentle body wash in the shower to remove the excess product. This one is great!
  17. Pat your skin dry to prevent removing any of your sun-kissed colour.
  18. Moisturise your entire body to hydrate your skin and boost the life of your tan.
  19. Continue to moisturise daily to retain your golden hue for as long as possible and promote an even fade off.

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