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Winter tanning tips

2 Min Read Tuesday 3rd December 2019

‚ÄòAt this chilly time of year, tanning may not be top of your beauty to-do list, but you should definitely keep it up, not only to look super glowy but also to feel warm from the inside out too,’ recommends top tanner Carly Hobbs. ‚ÄòAs well as nourishing your skin and making it look sun-kissed when the sunshine is in short supply it is guaranteed to lift your confidence levels, a few dos and don’ts to consider and you are set to go pro.’

*DON’T skip your regular exfoliating in the shower, this will help prep the skin for you to tan at super speed, and it will also kick start the blood flow to carry nutrients to those skin cells and help ditch toxins from your system.

*DO make time to work Sienna X Perfect Tan Primer onto your dry areas – not forgetting the typical checklist aka elbows, knees, toes, knuckles, between the fingers and inner wrists; but also bearing in mind winter can make random areas a bit patchy and rough, but a tiny bit of this barrier cream will make them easy to tan.

*DON’T feel like you have to go full-on with your glow at this time of year, less can be more.

Instead, layer up your bronzed status by choosing Sienna X Gradual Tan Lotion or Sienna X Gradual Untinted Self Tan Rose Water. This keeps you in control of your colour, you can pull it back or top it up if you suddenly need a deeper hue.

*DO treat your face to a specialised tan option. Enter Sienna X Sleep Gradual Tanning Drops slipped so easily into your bedtime night cream, serum or oil and worked over your face, ears, down your neck and right into the hairline. Apply, then wash your hands so no-one knows just how you got that glow on.

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