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Will my sunless tan come off in the shower?

2 Min Read Friday 15th March 2013

It takes more than a little water to scare away a luscious sienna X spray tan.

Sunless tans mimic the key characteristics of a suntan.

Fake tans are designed to look, feel and act like a natural tan in the sun – they gradually wear off with the passing of time and lighten slowly as the skin cells fall away and eventually regenerate. However, there are a few false rumours that a spray tan can be removed from the skin faster than a suntan can.

First things first; let’s dispel a few myths – a fake tan won’t simply come off in the shower. It can’t be washed off in the same way as a stain on the skin unless you use a product like Instant Bronzing Gel that has been formulated for short-term wear. In fact, plain old H2O is much kinder to a sun-kissed colour than a body wash, which can often strip away your golden glow if used over the course of a few days . But it is true that water can dry the skin, causing the skin cells to flake off and shorten the lifespan of your fake tan or indeed your suntan. Using a gentle product, such as Balance Body Wash, is ideal for using in the shower because it is pH balanced to maintain your sienna X tan. This luxurious product won’t strip away your tan and boasts a heavenly fragrance, which is the perfect accompaniment to your golden glow.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool can have a similar effect as using a harsh shower gel and can cause your tan to lighten. But again this is not an instant process and will only reduce the longevity of your tan if you take a swim every day. If, however, you want to take a dip in the pool and protect your burnished skin from fading fast you should moisturise your entire body before you dive in. This will hydrate your skin and prevent the occurrence of dryness that will naturally cause a fake tan to wear away anyway.

Using a lotion like Gradual Glowing Self Tan is ideal if you plan on swimming in the sea or pool regularly because you can apply it to the skin daily in the same way as a moisturiser to create a gentle tan that remains consistently radiant and fresh.

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