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Will fake tan work on my dark skin?

2 Min Read Wednesday 20th August 2014

Cover up blemishes with tanner.

Replicate a holiday glow.

In a nutshell…yes! But why would someone who already has beautifully burnished skin want a sunless tan?

Although a spray tan won’t have the same full-on effect on black skin tones as it does on lighter complexions it does have a number of beauty benefits.

Your skin will glow, making it look as if you’ve just returned from a summer holiday on the beach. Plus your tanner will blend away any uneven patches of colour, like stretch marks or scarring, helping to balance out your skin tone.

So tanning for black skins is not so much about darkening the skin but about building up a gorgeous, light-reflecting sheen. You’ll find that your skin will appear slightly darker immediately after your treatment but this initial colour will begin to fade in a couple of days, leaving behind a natural-looking hue.

Even stars like Beyonce and Rihanna have been known to step into the tanning booth to add some extra radiance to their skin. Fake tan responds really well to dark skin tones and, with a few clever application tricks that your tanning therapist will know all about, it can also help to make you appear slimmer, longer and leaner.

Formulated with rich, natural moisturisers like cocoa butter, Sienna X spray tanning solutions hydrate the skin too, which is perfect if you want to treat yourself to a pampering beauty therapy.

Try a Sienna X tan today! We guarantee that you’ll love it. Remember that the golden effects will fade away in a week so it’s a fantastic short-term option that you don’t have to commit to forever.



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