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Why should men fake tan?

2 Min Read Friday 1st June 2012

Reasons why sunless tanning should be taken up by men.

It’s an instant trick for looking extra athletic and toned.

Come on guys! Try fake tanning and enhance the appearance of your muscle tone, slim down your torso and feel fit and healthy this summer!

Although fake tanning started off as a popular treatment for women the truth is that a significant percentage of the male population have started to realise how beneficial it can be for boosting their body confidence. A sunless tan can help to cover blemishes and leave a flawless look to the skin. It can also help the body to appear more athletic; great news if you’ve been avoiding the gym during this glorious summer weather and overdoing it on the beer and the barbecues.

Existing muscle tone always looks better against darker skin, which means the beginnings of your six pack could look a million times better if you opt for a slimming spray tan at the salon. The therapist will be able to apply more solution to the sides of your torso, arms and legs to draw the eye inwards and create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. In some cases they may even be able to airbrush certain areas of your chest and stomach so they look more impressive – it might not hide your gut but it will leave you feeling body confident with a bronzed torso.

This summer is the perfect time to try fake tanning at home or book in for a professional session at the spray tan salon. You’ll be able to hit the beach looking muscular, energetic and lithe!

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