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Why is a fake tan better than a suntan?

2 Min Read Friday 6th June 2014

Sunless tanning has heaps of benefits.

It’s easy to get fast results that last.

Tanning in the sun is dangerous for the skin. Staying out in the sun without covering up and wearing sunscreen can lead to burns, premature ageing and skin cancers. However, there are plenty of other reasons why a fake tan is better than a suntan:

Full coverage. When you self tan at home or get a spray tan at a salon you can be confident that your entire body is covered with product, resulting in a balanced, even-looking tan. When you tan in the sun you will almost always have tan lines or marks on the skin because of your clothing.  Strap marks from bras or underwear can look unsightly, ruining the flawless appearance of your golden skin. With a fake tan you don’t have to worry about any of that; there are no lines, patches of uneven colour or streaks.

Fades off evenly. Because your sunless tan has been applied evenly, your caramel colour will start to fade off gradually and evenly too. Your tanned skin will look uniform and balanced even when it’s fading.

You’re in control. Want a richer tan? Choose a darker product. Want a light finish? Opt for a gentle spray tan like the Touche De Soleil that develops in just 6-8 hours and brings a subtle caramel tone to the skin. You can apply more product to layer up your colour as and when you wish, allowing you to experiment until you find the right shade for you.

Easy to top-up. When your fake tan starts to fade you can use top-up products like Express Tanning Mist with Q10 and Instant Bronzing Gel to add another touch of colour to the skin. If you want to retain your lighter-looking tan you can use our gradual tanner in the same way as you’d use a body moisturiser.


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