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Why don't my calves tan?

2 Min Read Tuesday 25th September 2018

It’s just annoying isn’t it? When you’ve carefully buffed and blended in your fake tan only to be left with pale calves. What’s the deal? And why does it keep happening?

Believe it or not but this problem is more common than you might think. The skin on your legs has a different depth and texture than the rest of your body so it might not take as well to tanner.

Here¬†are a couple of questions to ask yourself that might explain why your calves won’t tan:

Is there any residue left on your calves from products like moisturiser, shaving foam or body oil? All these cosmetic products act as a barrier to fake tan and can prevent the skin from ‘grabbing’ colour. Always shave and moisturise a day before your tan to guarantee that there’s nothing left on the surface of your skin that’s preventing your self tan from working effectively.

Are you stubbornly sticking to one fake tan? Every skin type is unique so there are bound to be some products that work better on your skin than others; you don’t have to pledge your devotion to one particular self tanner. If your regular tanner is leaving your legs looking too pale switch up your routine and try something new. We’ve got heaps to choose from and they come in mist, mousse or lotion:
  • gradual tanner is fab for dry skin that needs lots of moisture. It’s also brilliant for layering up over the week and creating a customised glow. If your calves haven’t picked up enough colour after a single treatment simply apply again over the paler areas and blend, blend, blend!
  • fast-acting tanner is ideal for when you’re in a rush but still want to nourish your skin
  • mild tanner is great for lending the skin a subtle glow. This delicate fake tan lifts a sallow complexion and because it appears so natural it creates a gentle colour gradient that blends into your legs.
  • super-rich tanner is perfect for creating a deep colour finish. Try this if your legs are much paler than the rest of your body anyway — the darker colour will even up even the most ghostly of pins.
Click here to view all our tanners or use our tan finder tool to help you select the perfect product for your skin tone.

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