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Which fake tan product is the best?

3 Min Read Friday 29th June 2012

There’s plenty to choose from in our extensive range.

Find a quick solution to looking and feeling super gorgeous.

Developing industry-leading fake tan products is our business at sienna X. We’ve spent years formulating top-of-the-range sprays, creams and lotions that can create a tan that looks as natural (if not better!) than a tan in the sun. The result? Our customers can obtain a sun kissed, burnished look without any of the nasty health concerns associated with sun tans and sun beds.

But which product should you use? Well it all depends on what you want to achieve and how long you’d like your gorgeous glow to last for.

If you want a deep colour you should opt for Dark Glowing Self Tan. This moisturising cream provides streak free, instant colour that can be applied all over the body from head to toe – just reapply the following day if you want to look and feel like a bronzed goddess.

If all you want is a touch of extra colour rather than a full on sunless tan you will adore Gradual Glowing Self Tan. This rich moisturising cream is perfect for building up a subtle tan. Apply generously to the skin to feel the benefits of the cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and aloe vera that have been combined together to create this luscious product. The beauty of this cream is that can be used to prolong an existing tan too, making it great for adding a little extra life to a professional spray tan or enhancing a fake tan done at home.

Express Tanning Mist can also help to prolong your tan for a few more days. This spray can be used to retouch areas that are prone to fading faster, such as the hands and face. However, you can also apply it to skin that hasn’t been tanned before to achieve an instant glow! It’s super fast, easy to apply and perfect if you need a quick-fix solution to boosting your body confidence before attending a party or special event.

For an even faster solution it doesn’t get any better than Instant Bronzing Gel! Just rub it onto the skin to achieve a flawless finish in moments. The special formulation won’t transfer to your clothing, which means you can head out as soon as you’ve applied it. Better yet, it can be washed off at the end of the day; perfect for a one-off night of partying!

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