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What benefits does Q10 have on the skin?

2 Min Read Friday 15th November 2013

Reduce the signs of ageing with Sienna X self tanner.

Your golden skin will appear firmer and smoother.

Anyone who takes a keen interest in the beauty industry will have heard of Q10. Mentioned in an assortment of adverts for a variety of essential lotions and potions, this clever little substance seems to be all that the experts are talking about. But why so? Allow us to demystify it for you right here.

Q10 is often described as a vitamin but it’s actually something called a co-enzyme. The human body can produce it but it can also be used as a supplement to reduce the effects of ageing. And it is this quality that has made it an indispensable addition to a range of beauty products.

Anti-ageing Q10 prevents the breakdown of collagen – the substance that keeps the skin looking and feeling smooth, firm and youthful. It also prevents damage to the skin and repairs any damage that does occur in addition to reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

We’ve boosted two of our tanning products with Q10 to provide your skin with an extra level of anti-ageing goodness. Use Q10 Express Tanning Mist or Q10 Bronzing Mousse to create a gorgeous tan on your skin and you’ll also benefit from smoother looking skin that appears radiant and fresh.

Express Tanning Mist takes just 2-4 hours to develop and doesn’t need to be washed off, making it a great time saving option. But if you’ve got the spare time to apply your sunless tan with more care then Bronzing Mousse is ideal. The ‘no-spill’ texture of the mousse reduces the risk of stains and ensures an even coverage is obtained on every application.

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