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Waxing for men: is 'manscaping' worth it?

2 Min Read Thursday 24th November 2016

Male waxing, or ‘manscaping’, is rising in popularity. Haven’t tried it yet? Here’s why waxing might just be the perfect hair removal treatment for you:

  1. Sick of shaving your chest and tired of it feeling as prickly as a hedgehog when it grows back? Get your chest or back waxed and you won’t have to pick up that razor¬†every other day, saving you on time and the cost of new blades and shaving foam. It’s that simple: get waxed once and you won’t have to trim or shave for a minimum of three weeks.
  2. Losing that inch of body hair on your chest and back will make you appear slimmer, highlight your muscle tone and give you a cleaner, longer and leaner look.
  3. Waxing intimate areas might not sound fun but the long term benefits outweigh the discomfort.¬† You won’t need to shave or trim so you’ll bypass those irritating nicks, cuts and abrasions. Thirdly, there’s a¬†lower risk of developing¬†itchy ingrown hairs and when your hair does grow back it will feel finer and softer.
  4. How often do you exfoliate? Never? We thought so. Waxing will remove your unwanted hairs and exfoliate your skin at the same time by stripping away the dead skin cells sitting on the surface. What’s the result? Brighter, smoother, softer-looking skin.
  5. Face waxing is a fantastic introductory treatment for those of you who are new to depilation¬†– it covers a small area so the treatment won’t take long and removing your facial hair from the root will totally eliminate bristly stubble and the appearance of a five o’clock shadow!

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