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Waxing for athletes

2 Min Read Friday 1st September 2017

It might sound odd but removing body hair boosts athletic performance.

Smoother skin allows swimmers to cut through the water faster and can even help runners to improve their personal bests. Yes, we might be talking about a few nanoseconds but every moment counts when you’re a professional sportsperson.


If you’re an athlete or just someone who plays a lot of sport and enjoys competition, here’s why you should try waxing:

  1. As mentioned above, smoother skin reduces friction and resistance underwater. The less drag, the faster you’ll be able to swim.

  2. Plus the psychological effects of getting your body ready for a swim meet can improve your performance too. When your muscles are on show, it highlights your commitment to training and can make you feel stronger and fitter for the final push. Wax once and you’ll be hair-free for up to a month!

  3. Keen cyclist? Reduce those cuts and abrasions on the skin following falls and crashes by removing your body hair first. Hair tends to grab onto road surfaces more because of it’s texture, which leads to cuts and nicks; opt for hair-free skin and you’ll get fewer wounds that are easier to clean and bandage.

  4. Long distance runners often have to deal with skin chafing, sores and general discomfort, especially if the hair on their legs, intimate areas and underarms is particularly thick. Waxing regularly makes hair growth sparser and finer, curbing itchiness and soreness. Plus, it’s easier and hurts much less to remove sports tape on overstimulated muscles when the skin is smooth underneath.

  5. Deep tissue massage is also more comfortable when the skin is hair-free and allows physios to stimulate the muscles quickly and encourage repair.

  6. When you’re committed to sport and working out at the gym regularly it makes sense to choose a longer-term hair removal option like waxing over shaving. The blunt, coarse regrowth that results from shaving only works to aggravate the skin and it can be really annoying to get that razor out every day. Wax instead and save yourself time in the shower and on the track!

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