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Is waxing better with or without strips?

2 Min Read Wednesday 30th May 2018

Let’s not dither…is waxing better with or without strips? It depends on which bits of your body your waxing and what the texture of your hair is like.

Strip wax is fab if you’re waxing larger surface areas, like your calves, thighs or arms, because you can apply it on your skin in big sections and quickly remove each strip to get rid of as many hairs as possible at speed. It works equally as well on fine hairs and coarse hairs that grow on your bikini line and underarms. You can apply it to your eyebrows too because the strip helps to achieve more of a precise finish.

Wax that you don’t need strips for, or peelable wax, is perfect for smaller bits, especially your chin, upper lip, eyebrows, fingers and toes. This type of wax dries on your skin but it still remains pliable so you can grab a corner and pull it off, taking all the hairs away with it. Applying it to smaller areas means you have much better control and can use one hand to stretch your skin while the other hand pulls off the set wax. If you’ve got coarse hair coupled with sensitive skin, peelable wax is your best bet.

So what’s the upshot?

  • Use strip wax for large areas to get the job done fast.
  • Use non-strip wax or peelable wax for smaller more sensitive areas where you want better control.

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