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Waxing a client with sunburn

2 Min Read Tuesday 17th July 2018

Summer has definitely made a showstopping appearance this year and the endless days of sunshine have really put a spring in our step. However, the intensity of the sun’s rays have led to a rise in sunburn and skin damage among those who’ve spent too long in the sunshine and have failed to use sunscreen.

If a client arrives for a treatment at your salon with sunburn you should always postpone the session for another day. Waxing over sunburn or areas of the body that are red, warm, sore and tender will only irritate the skin further, significantly increase it’s healing time and be very painful! Remember that waxing is a form of trauma for the skin because each hair is essentially ripped out from the root — waxing over sunburn will put the skin in further undue stress and make the entire experience uncomfortable for both you and your client.

Fully inform your client of the risks so they understand why it’s in their best interest to pop back another day when their skin has fully healed. Most cases of sunburn clear up within seven days but clients can encourage the healing process by drinking plenty of fluids, taking cold showers to cool their skin and using soothing lotions that contain aloe vera.

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