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How to wax a sweaty client

2 Min Read Tuesday 5th June 2018

Embarrassment, discomfort, hormone issues, tight-fitting clothes and hot weather can all make clients sweat more than usual. But why’s that such a problem on the waxing beauty bed?

Well, wax works better on dry skin because it can shrink wrap around individual hairs. Any form of moisture, like sweat, acts as a barrier to the wax and makes it trickier to remove every hair on the first pull of the strip. Repeatedly waxing over the same area can cause bruising and discomfort too, so eliminating as much moisture from the skin as possible beforehand, or even throughout the treatment, will give your client a more positive experience.

Here’s how to handle it:

  1. Talcum powder can help to absorb sweat quickly so it’s a great ‚Äògo-to’ remedy for when a client’s nervousness is making them perspire more than normal. Keep a bottle handy by your waxing station to use as needed.
  2. Scrunched up couch roll or tissue is also a quick fix for absorbing perspiration under the arms and bikini line area. Give your client a bit of privacy at the start of the treatment to dry themselves off if required.
  3. Try popping a fan in the treatment room to cool down your space before a session begins.
  4. Keep the conversation relaxed, add a touch of soothing music or light some candles to help a nervous client calm down and stop sweating.
  5. With some clients you may need to wipe the skin down each time you apply the wax. This will take extra time but it will make waxing more effective. Plus, if your client’s happy with their treatment they’ll return for another and another.

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