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Travel-sized self-tanners for holidays

2 Min Read Friday 26th August 2016

Get that holiday glow before you hit the beach this summer with our travel-sized tanners.

Our mini fake tans are small enough to stow away in your toiletry bag (or even your pocket!). Plus, they make fantastic trial products for people who are new to tanning and want to dip their toe in the Sienna X product line before making a full-on purchase.

Tiny tanners that pack a punch

A compact bottle of Mini High Intensity Tan contains 75ml of product so you can easily carry it in your hand luggage without restriction. Taking just an hour to develop, this caramel-coloured tanner will lend your skin a deep glow in time for your first stroll along the beach. The moisturising, concentrated formula covers up stretch marks, evens out the skin tone and adds radiance to a dull complexion, so you can feel confident flaunting your skin by the seaside from day one of your vacation.

Choose a bottle of Mini Deep Glowing Self Tan¬†if you’re looking for a richer, longer-lasting tan. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this tanner takes 8 hours to develop and leaves the skin looking beautifully bronzed and radiant with health. Each bottle contains plenty for a series of applications, allowing you to layer up your colour to create a deeper hue or simply set aside for your next at-home treatment.

Mini gradual tanner

Another product that will fit snugly in your hand luggage is a 75ml bottle of Mini Gradual Glowing Self Tan. Apply it in the same way as you’d use a body moisturiser and watch your sun-kissed colour develop over the course of the day with no need to wash off. This practical tanner is ideal for lending the skin a touch of natural-looking colour and you can layer it up to your desired shade simply by applying a bit more each day. Better yet, your skin will still be able to tan naturally underneath. That means that as your fake tan gently fades away over the course of the week it will be seamlessly replaced by your¬†beach tan!

We don’t need to tell you that the best things come in small packages: order your mini travel-sized sunless tanners here!


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