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Top tips for using classic slant tweezers for eyebrow tidy ups

2 Min Read Friday 29th March 2019

If chefs have knives and builders have bricks and mortar, then eyebrow artists have the classic slant tweezer; it’s an essential tool of the trade that no reputable expert would be without for taming and shaping even the most unruly of brows. Perfect for angling against the browbone and removing stray hairs from the root, slant tweezers are brilliant for neatening up waxing tidy ups that require a bit more attention. Better yet, flip them over and you can use the fine end for more precision work, like pulling out stubble and obstinate, short growth that isn’t long enough to be caught by an eyebrow wax.

Here’s how to get the most out of your slant tweezers during treatments:

  1. Hold your tweezers in the middle for maximum control — gentle pressure will bring the tips together so they can securely clamp down on individual hairs.
  2. Keep the tips of your tweezers slanted at a 25 degree angle as you move along the browbone. This position is perfect for grabbing the brows in their natural position as they lay flat against the skin.
  3. Take the time to assess the overall symmetry of your client’s brows and remove only those hairs from above and below the arch and tail area that will enhance their shape.
  4. Pull each hair in the direction of growth as quickly as you can. Holding the skin taut and adopting a fast motion will reduce discomfort for your client.
  5. Flip your tweezers over and used the pointed end to pull out stubbly bits of growth that are trickier to grab hold off with the slanted edge.

Did you know Classic slant tweezers for eyebrows also double as the perfect tool for applying individual false eyelashes? Order your trade eyebrow essentials here.

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