Top fake tan tips for an amazing summer glow

Advice on fake tanning from the experts at Sienna X.

Discover how to get the perfect self-tan as we reveal our top secret tanning tips!

Some people are under the impression that self-tanning products are difficult to apply, but with expert advice and a range of professional quality self-tan products from Sienna X you can’t possibly go wrong!

It couldn’t be easier to get a flawless, even tan in the comfort of your own home – just follow our tips on how to achieve a stunning self-tan!

Leave a rest period after exfoliating your skin in preparation for your tan so that your skin has time to settle its moisture levels. Applying self-tan straight after exfoliating could lead to streaks, so give your skin a few hours to adjust.

Use a self tan mitt to apply the self tan evenly and ensure that you apply only a light amount to elbows, knees and ankles to avoid overtanning. This is a real essential when it comes to smoothing over tricky areas and get flawless coverage. Use upwards circular motions to apply your self-tan as rubbing could leave an uneven finish.

Build up your tan slowly. You are far more likely to get a great finish by gently building up layers of self-tan than by applying one heavy layer,  but make sure you wait 8 hours to let your colour fully develop before deciding to apply more.