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The ultimate fake tan gift set

2 Min Read Wednesday 17th April 2013

All good things come in small packages.

Try our trio of sunless tanning products in one handy kit.

Dainty though it may be, our Try Me Tan Me Collection contains all of the powerful essentials required to create the perfect tan. Prepare, tan and glam up your skin with mini bottles of our best-selling self tanners.

Each set comes with a 75ml bottle of Polishing Body Scrub, Dark Glowing Self Tan and Radiance Body Balm. You’ll also receive five pairs of latex-free gloves and a ‘How to Tan’ guide inside the berry-coloured zip up sienna X bag.

Slough away all of the impurities on the surface of your skin using Polishing Body Scrub the night before your tan to create a smooth base for the application of product. Pay special attention to those areas of the body that are prone to dryness, such as the elbows, ankles and knees.

Follow this up by applying Dark Glowing Self Tan the next day. Avoid using deodorants or perfumes that could hinder the application process and you can guarantee a streak-free, flawless tan. After 8 hours you can take a shower to remove the excess product and pat your skin dry.

Use Radiance Body Balm immediately after your shower to moisturise the skin and prolong the life of your tan. If your skin becomes dry the cells on the surface of your skin will begin to fall away and take your gorgeous colour along with them. For this reason it is vital that you hydrate your skin as much as possible. As well as lengthening the life cycle of your radiant, sun-kissed tan, this luxurious balm will add a reflective quality to your skin courtesy of the subtle gold flecks that are suspended within the formula.

Everything you need to look beautifully bronzed is right here in this fantastic kit. Why not pick one up today and invest in your skin, your body confidence and your summer image?

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