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Top Tip Tuesday: The One Hour Solution

5 Min Read Tuesday 18th August 2020

We all love the look of a beautifully sunkissed tan, but what if we could tell you that you could achieve this for your clients in as little as one hour? 

Look no further than the Sienna X One Hour Spray Tan Solution!

As one of our best selling solutions and loved by professionals up and down the country – we thought it was only fair to keep you up to date with all the info on our One Hour Solution!

What is the One Hour Solution?

Following the success of our core spray tan solution collection, we were asked by many professionals to develop a specialist offering with reduced development time.

After many months of development with our lab, the One Hour Solution was born! The specialist formulation carries our signature vegan-friendly ingredients, skin-nourishing benefits and beautiful Sienna X Coconut fragrance.

Why use the One Hour Solution?

Perfect for those who don’t enjoy sitting in their spray tan solution for a prolonged amount of time or those on the search for a last-minute colour – the high level of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and vegan-friendly actives allow for the oxidation process to take place quickly within your top skin layer and is suitable for all skin tones.

It’s our fastest solution yet and formulated with our signature Sienna X fragrance, Q10, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Aloe Vera. Erythrulose is also included to ensure a longer-lasting colour.

The One Hour Solution is great to recommend for your clients who are on the hunt for a fast-developing colour that gives a natural result for reasons such as a same day event like a night on the town with the girls, a special occasion like a wedding or garden party or even to simply have that holiday, confidence-building feeling every day.

What results will it give my clients?

DHA works with each of your clients’ own skin, typically the darker you naturally go with a natural tan, the earlier you tend to see the results.

If left on for:

1 hour, the solution will give a natural golden glow (Light). 

1-2 hours, the result will be a natural-looking holiday glow (Medium). 

2-4 hours, the result will be a deeper, holiday look (Dark)

The One Hour Solution can be left on for 6 hours+ to achieve our darkest colour (Ultra Dark).

After the desired development time, the solution can then be showered off, until the water runs clear, pat dry and the colour continues to develop into the final desired colour after around two to eight hours. 

Always suggest your new client start with a lower “leave on” time and experiment leaving on longer if they would like a darker result.

Remember also, in the summer months we can get away with a darker colour, the winter, however, you may want to suggest reducing ‚Äúleave on‚Äù times to adjust with our paler look that typically happens. 

What about the core solution range?

The Sienna X core solution range including the 6%, 8%, 10% & 12% solutions do give a perfect natural tan just like the One Hour solution – however, the colour can be much deeper and last longer.

This is due to the length of time they’re left on the skin, meaning that they often penetrate deeper into the skin, the core range gives more bespoke opportunities for you and your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is DHA?

A. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the tanning active in the majority of Tan Products, DHA is a simple sugar base, it reacts with the protein known as Keratin on your skin’s surface and oxygen which causes your skin to change colour. Quite like if you take a bite from an apple and leave it on the side for a few hours.

This reacts with your own melanin, so typically you will change colour to the colour you might go after natural tanning.

Q. How many tans will one bottle give me?

A. On average, a 1 Litre bottle of One Hour Solution will do 18-20 bodies, while a 250ml bottle will give around 4-5 bodies if you have trained with Sienna X.

Q. Does the One Hour Solution transfer onto clothes?

A. The Sienna X spray tan solutions are quick-drying and transfer is very minimal or none, however, we do recommend that your client brings loose clothing for after their treatment as per the core range to help prevent any rub offs or harsh lines.

Q. How can I ensure my clients have better results professionally?

A. Ensure your clients have:

  • Exfoliated well
  • Shaved/waxed 24-48hrs prior to their tan treatment
  • Had Barrier Cream applied to their hands, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows and any other dry areas, to hide the typical self-tan giveaways
  • Understood the best practices for post-treatment

Need further information?

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