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The Inside-Out Skincare Solutions

3 Min Read Tuesday 3rd December 2019

‚ÄòWe all know, that’s clients included, how amazing fresh air is for us and our complexions, yet new research has found we spend more than 21 hours a day inside,’ says pro tanner, beauty expert and skincare pro Carly Hobbs.

‚ÄòThis is not good news, but with the weather, as is, those three hours of air time aren’t getting any longer, any time soon.

Enter the Sienna X Skincare range blended beautifully with some classics your clients will already love, here to bring the fresh, clear skin inside out, all with your pro guidance too of course‚Ķ’

All Over Freshness

Sienna X The Facial Oil – builds up the best kind of outside-in layers as it freshens up the skin cells before they come to the surface. The particles of oil are much smaller than those in creams so they can dig deeper to work hard.

The Sienna X The Facial Oil treats skin to fatty acids for plumping and a huge vitamin hit via its rosehip oil infusion

Red Alert

Sienna X The Miracle Mask – works against the side effects of too much indoor time; that’s inflamed, sensitive, patchy faces. Used just once or twice a week the Manuka honey, which is a natural anti-inflammatory FYI, will soothe away any kind of soreness or red colouring.

Leave it in place for ten minutes, or swirl gently across your client’s skin to aid relaxation.

Daylight Saver

Sienna X The Day Cream – ticking your SPF 30 boxes straight away, super important even when skies are cloudy and you’re stuck indoors, this cream absorbs in a flash and will make your client’s between skincare homework upkeep super easy. Skin will feel brighter than a sunny spring day.

Clean Machine

Sienna X The Cleansing Balm – when you’re stuck inside, it’s easy to think cleansing doesn’t matter. But that pollution, grime and debris still get in through the windows.

In fact, cleaning things up with an infusion of meadowfoam plus hot hydration shea butter and sweet almond oil is more important than ever. Skin must be clean in order to reap the rewards of everything else you layer on. This makes the job fun. For you and the client

Drops Of Joy

Sienna X Sleep Gradual Tanning Drops – make up the ultimate end of facial treat and takeaway client option.

These are absolute beauties. Not only will they allow the skincare solution’s that you have worked across your customers face to shine, that no make-up post-facial feel can go on and on and on; they also continue fighting blue light damage so work hard long term too. In short, they pay for themselves.

Body Of Work

Sienna X Gradual Untinted Self Tan Rose Water – it would be rude to deny your body that touch of glow that gives the illusion of more than three hours outside.

This rose water is light enough to mist over a client’s shoulders and neck post-facial, you could even do it all over‚Ķit dries in a flash so they can redress and get glowy over time. Why not use a little than offer the rest of the bottle as an add on?

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