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The go-to party season finishing touches

4 Min Read Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Party Season Finishing Touches – express, illuminating mist & brows
‚ÄòWhen it comes to looking good for every party across the whole of the festive season, the devil is in the glowy, showy detail,’ reveals tanning pro and celebrity MUA Carly Hobbs @carlytoptip. ‚ÄòThose final touches of shimmer, shape and definition make all of the difference as you add them from top to toe. Just a few seconds of spritzing and sprucing using this expert finishing touches top tips will have all your fellow frolikcers wondering where you’ve been hiding your own celeb make-up artist. Here’s to a party season where you look and feel your confident best.’

Finishing Touch: Top Cheekbones
Post-makeup, spritz your make-up brush or beauty blending with a touch of Sienna X illuminating Mist before pressing it across the very tops of your cheekbones. Don’t take the sheen any further than in line with the pupil of your eyes on each size, this keeps it classy rather than trashy‚Ķas in this is the most flattering way to bounce light off your beauts features.

Finishing Touch: Swift Glow To Go
Need to get your tan on last minute?! No worries, all you need is 60 minutes and the Sienna X Luxury Tanning Mitt, use this velvety soft mitt to buff either Sienna X Express Self Tan Tinted Lotion (if you like a creamy fake tan) or Sienna X Express Self Tan Tinted Mousse (if you like a lighter texture). It’s so quick you’ll barely notice the beauty effort, you can even do your make-up while you wait for it to develop, rinse and go out and glow!

Finishing Touch: Complexion Perfection
Freshen up your make-up in a flash after work and on the way to party by working the concealer end of the Sienna X Illuminating Duo under each eye in a downwards triangle shape then blending with the pads of your fingertips; and spray Sienna X illuminating Mist across your face in a criss-cross shape to reawaken your base. Easy.

Finishing Touch: Fluffy Brows
A cool brow will add all the impact to any party beauty look this festive season. Work your brows against the way the hairs grow using a cotton pad soaked in Sienna X Micellar Make-up Remover, this starts to add volume. Then fill in any missing hair gaps using Sienna X Sculpting Brow Pencil & Fixing Serum in Dark Brunette, Natural Black or Warm
Brunette – whichever matches your brows best. Finally, comb them upwards with the fixing wand end of your brow pencil, setting them in place with the super serum.

Finishing Touch: Power Definition
If you’ve used your chosen shade of Sienna X Sculpting Brow Pencil & Fixing Serum in the morning, chances are your brows are looking pretty fine by party time. So all you need is a little extra definition. First use the concealer end of Sienna X Illuminating Duo all around the brow, contrasting the skin slightly to make them stand out. Then, carefully blend the highlighting end just below each brow arch and also in the inner corner of your eyes to make your peepers pop.

Finishing Touch: Legs In Heaven
Need party perfect pins in a flash? Spray on them instantly glowy Sienna X Express Self Tan Tinted Mist. It will develop as you celebrate. Top it with Sienna X illuminating Mist for extra look good points.

Finishing Touch: Collar Collaboration
Showing off your chest and shoulders?! Then they need a sparkly spritz of their own, use
Sienna X illuminating Mist right across the collarbone, then use the highlighter end of the Sienna X Illuminating Duo crayon to add something extra to the grooves. Double glow whammy.

Finishing Touch: Full On Flick
When rocking a party eyeliner look make sure you dip a cotton bud in Sienna X Micellar Make-up Remover then work it along the point and outline of the flick to make it super sharp and help it stay in place.

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