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The best instant tan

2 Min Read Friday 28th March 2014

A sunless tanning gel for when time is short.

A quick tanner for face and body.

Guess who stocks the best instant tan? Why it’s Sienna X of course! Why would you go anywhere else to find an instant tan that suits all skin tones, takes seconds to apply and gives both guys and gals a gorgeous glow that lasts?

Nifty and neat, Instant Bronzing Gel creates a natural-looking colour on the skin that beats every competitor hands down. It’s a winning formulation, a premier product and a terrific tanner.

Indeed we may boast about our champion product but our claims are backed up with countless awards and commendations from the head honchos of the beauty industry that have tried and tested our instant tan to the hilt.

So what makes Instant Bronzing Gel the best instant tan on the market? Let’s start from the beginning…the packaging is beautiful and the easy-pump feature ensures that just the right amount of product is dispensed onto your hands or tanning mitt; no more and no less than you need to easily blend onto the skin in sections. This is especially useful when you’re in the middle of your treatment and don’t want to be faffing around with turning bottles upside down and squeezing product out.

Secondly, the texture of the tanner is lightweight enough to glide onto the skin very quickly and smoothly. It’s also simple to blend in – this reduces the appearance of unsightly patches of colour that can often appear when fake tan applications are accidentally overlapped during a single treatment.

The final colour will look different depending on your natural skin tone from gently sun-kissed and richly caramel to beautifully bronzed and radiantly burnished. But all skin types will benefit from a moisturised finish that reflects the light and appears flawless even under the glare of the spotlight.

With no need to wash off to reveal the stunning colour beneath, Instant Bronzing Gel is the swiftest tanner around. And as it’s scented with vanilla orchid and pomegranate you’ll be in no rush to wash it away at the end of the day anyway.



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