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The best gradual tanner for men

2 Min Read Friday 7th November 2014

A light-textured tanner that glides over facial and body hair.

One application is enough to uplift a dull complexion and define muscle tone.

The smooth texture of Gradual Glowing Self Tan makes it a fantastic gradual tanner for men – the product doesn’t collect around stubbly areas or beards and you only need a single application to achieve a subtle but noticeable colour change on the skin. Use it just like a moisturiser, making sure that you cover your entire body with product. Then allow your tan to slowly develop over the course of the day.

There are no clever tricks or techniques you need to master to lend your skin a touch of radiant colour and lift your complexion. However, if you’d like to emphasise your muscles here’s a simple trick that doesn’t involve hitting the gym and pumping iron  – add an extra layer of tanner to your chest, focusing on the outline of your existing muscle tone to draw attention to your pectoral and abdominal area.

The golden colour will define your muscles, creating the illusion of a leaner and fitter physique. To tan the arm and leg muscles simple flex them and apply a touch more product around the contours of your flexed muscles, taking care to blend it in and create a seamless finish.

You may need to top-up your gradual tanner after 3 -4 days once it begins to gently fade. Lighter-textured tanner Q10 Bronzing Mousse lasts a bit longer than a gradual tanner and produces a darker colour result. It’s also great for applying over body and facial hair because the aerated formula is lightweight and sheer rather than thick and claggy. But remember that Bronzing Mousse needs to be washed off after the colour has developed, unlike Gradual Glowing Self Tan that remains on the skin.


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