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The best after-tan moisturiser

2 Min Read Wednesday 12th November 2014

Radiance Body Balm: a pampering treat for tanned skin.

Apply daily to prolong your colour.

The simplest way to make your sunless tan last longer is to moisturise your skin with a rich emollient every day. Radiance Body Balm is a lusciously-thick moisturiser that locks-in the golden colour of a Sienna X fake tan and pampers the skin with Shea Butter and coconut oil.

Here are three more hidden benefits to using this velvety-textured balm on tanned skin:

1.Protects against premature ageing. We’ve enriched Radiance Body Balm with Vitamin E, which neutralises free radicals, promotes cell renewal and prevents skin damage. Regularly using a moisturiser with Vitamin E can help to reduce signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and crow’s feet.

2.Promotes an even fade off. Ensuring that the skin retains as much moisture as possible will prevent tanned skin cells from flaking off prematurely. However, when the time comes for your caramel tan to fade Radiance Body Balm will encourage it to lighten gently and evenly, guaranteeing that there are no unsightly patches of colour left on the skin.

3.Reflects the light. Subtle flecks of gold mica have been suspended within the lotion, which creates a luminescent sheen on the skin. This works to highlight the natural contours of the face and body and complement a sun-kissed hue. You can layer on more of the balm to build up a sparklier look or stick to a single application for a subtle sheen that you can wear every day.

4.Smooths the skin. Known to restore elasticity and encourage smoothness , sweet almond oil is a nourishing naturally-occurring ingredient that helps the skin to feel supple and soft.


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