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Tanning tips from the experts

2 Min Read Wednesday 14th March 2012

Need guidance on the best way to apply fake tan? Follow our simple guide.

You’ll be an expert in no time.

Fake tanning at home is becoming much more popular as people become aware of the fantastic benefits of achieving a bronzed appearance that looks toned, attractive and radiant in an instant.

Affordable and convenient, fake tan products are superb if you’re strapped for time and want to get ready for a night out or a weekend event in quick-time. From spring weddings and birthday parties to family get-togethers or a girly catch up, a little fake tan can enhance your look and help you to feel confident in your skin.

Here are a few essential tips on applying fake tan at home:

1. Make sure you’ve exfoliated your skin with Polishing Body Scrub prior to rubbing fake tan lotion onto your body. This will remove dead skin cells and ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible.

2. Wax your legs at least 24 hours before to allow the pores in your skin to close up. If you apply fake tan straight away your legs will look dotty in appearance.

3. Start the application at your feet and move upwards until you’ve covered your whole body. Use a sienna X tanning mitt if you like – this will help you to achieve an even result from top to toe. However, you can also use your hands; just remember to wear gloves to avoid staining your palms.

4. Ensure that skin is fresh and clean before tanning. Make sure that there is no makeup left on the face before you begin. When tanning the face, mix one pump of Dark Glowing Self Tan with one pump of Radiance Body Balm, to give you a perfect natural glow that’s just right for a tanned complexion. Let the tan develop over eight hours then wash off to reveal a gorgeous glow!

5.Following your tan, moisturise your skin regularly to hydrate the skin cells and boost the longevity of your glow. It’s also advised that you use our Balance Body Wash, it’s so gentle that it won’t strip your sunless tan.

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