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Tanning a client with diabetes

2 Min Read Friday 27th April 2018

Is tanning a client with diabetes a no no? And what’s diabetes got to do with spray tanning anyway?

In most cases it’s fine for clients with diabetes to get spray tans. There’s only a slight issue if they have open wounds or cuts on their body where tanning solution could get in.

Here’s why:

Diabetes is a condition that causes a person’s blood sugar levels to become too high because the insulin hormone in their body isn’t working properly and can’t break glucose (a type of sugar) down into energy. Treatments for diabetes help people to manage their sugar levels so they can live healthy lives.

Now, the stuff in tanning solution that causes the skin to darken (DHA) is a type of sugar. This sugar, when exposed to the air and the amino acids on the skin, creates a tan. If your client has cuts on their body, tanning solution won’t enter their bloodstream even if it’s sprayed over their wound (the solution doesn’t penetrate the skin so it shouldn’t affect their blood sugar level). Having said that, it’s best to stay on the safe side and wait until their cuts, broken skin or any weeping areas have healed fully before you tan them. (Remember you wouldn’t spray a client with open wounds anyway whether they had diabetes or not!).

As always check for contraindications during your client consultation and keep a record so you always have something to refer back to.

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