How to tan a bald head

As much as tanning for men has taken off in recent years, it’s probably quite rare that you’re faced with tanning a bald client or someone who’s suffering from a hair loss condition like alopecia. So how do you tan a bald or shaved head? And is there anything you need to be aware of?

Firstly, if the baldness isn’t a cosmetic choice (or down to male pattern baldness) be sure to ask if the hair loss is related to health issues, medicines or treatments like chemotherapy. Always note down any contraindications and assess whether it’s safe for you to carry out a spray tan before you begin.

  1. When it’s time to tan the back of your client simply start a little higher and incorporate the back of the head too. This might mean asking your client to bend down slightly if they’re much taller than you.
  2. Try to mist the head very lightly, just like you would with the face — this part of the body is naturally more exposed to UV rays from the sun than other areas so it’s likely it will already appear darker in comparison to the upper body, legs and arms anyway.
  3. Then when you’re ready to tan the face, mist the front portion of the head first, again as lightly as possible. You may need to ask your client to bend down again or slightly tilt their head towards the floor so you can get better access.
  4. Hold the spray gun a bit further away as you begin and end each stroke so the colour blends seamlessly into the rest of the face and looks as natural as possible.
  5. Advise your client to moisture their head and body after they’ve washed off the solution to prolong their golden tan and to make the most of their treatment.