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How to tan a bald head

3 Min Read Friday 8th June 2018

The idea of spray tanning someone with a bald head can scare a lot of people! As much as tanning for men has taken off in recent years, it’s probably quite rare that you are faced with tanning a bald client, but if this happens, we want you to feel confident so here are our top tips on how to go about spray tanning a bald head!

Ask Questions 

It is vital as the spray tan expert that you make sure to ask if the hair loss is related to any health issues, medicines or treatments such as chemotherapy, before the spray tan. Always note down any concerns and worries they or you might have and whether it is safe for you to carry out a spray tan, safety comes always first.

Remember to make sure that they haven’t shaved their head within the last 24 hours, recently applied sunblock or moisturizer as the residues from these can all block the solution from absorbing into the skin.

Furthermore, make sure they have exfoliated their scalp before the spray tan as this will remove any stubborn dead skin cells and help the tan apply more evenly and fade more naturally.

Prep the Skin

Don’t forget to prep the skin before the tan – just like spray tanning any person, it is important not to forget to protect the drier parts of the body from revealing the secrets of a spray tan, such as the knees, ankles, elbows and wrists.

Spraying your client

We completely understand that it may be a little daunting, but we promise it’s super easy to give your client a flawless glow!

When beginning to spray your client, follow your Sienna X routine as much as you can for even coverage of the solution. However, this can be harder at times dependant on your client!

It is important not to apply too much solution to their head because you don’t want the head to be darker than the rest of the body. This can be tricky at times, as many bald people may already have some kind of natural colour, so recommend that your client stoop just a little and begin spraying in your downward motion from just above their head.

This ensures that there’s even coverage throughout the treatment while giving you more control over their final colour. If they’re on the search for a more natural blend, you can also utilise the technique used for the hands and feed – hold your gun slightly more than a hand’s distance away and spray lightly.

When it’s time to tan your client’s back, simply start a little higher and incorporate the back of the head too. This might mean asking your client to bend down slightly – especially if they are taller than you.

Don’t forget about after care!

Now that your client is glowing, you want to make sure they get the very best from their treatment! 

Much like the remainder of their body, be sure to recommend daily moisturising of their head too, as since the skin on top of their head is exposed to the elements the tan is going to fade a lot faster. 

It’s also great advice to share with your client not to wear any tight headwear straight after their spray tan, as it can cause uneven results as their solution develops. 

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