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Spread some holiday spirit with these ideas for Christmas waxing offers

2 Min Read Friday 14th December 2018

Struggling for ideas on waxing offers? It can be tricky to come up with attractive deals that don’t undermine your services and prices at this time of year. Why not (St) Nick some of our ideas? Most of these Xmas waxing offers don’t slash your rates, and the time limited ones are brilliant for boosting revenue and guaranteeing lots of appointments for the New Year. Feel free to personalise them or use them as they are:

The Blitzen (blitz that) Bikini Line

Benefit from a 10% discount on your bikini line when you book in for a full leg wax this December.

The Sleigh Bell Saver

Get an extra stamp on your loyalty card for any waxing treatment you have before the New Year and double up on your chance to rack up a reward.

The Frankincense and Face Wax Combo

Combine a reduced price aromatherapy treatment with your face wax so you can relax, unwind and escape the busy xmas high street. A luxurious treat for any client looking for some respite and relaxation.

The Good Tid(y)ings Eyebrow Tint

Book an eyebrow wax before the end of the year and get a trial tint to add depth and thickness to your brows.

The Boxing Day BOGOF Brazilian

Have a full Brazilian wax and get a free one next time you book in for a waxing trio (e.g. full leg, underarm and face wax) after Boxing Day.

The Ho Ho Ho Hollywood

Get a midweek Hollywood wax when the salon’s quiet and get a complimentary gift from Santa!

The Chestnut and Chest Wax

Tidy up your nether regions and say bye bye to that unibrow boys — we’ll remove stray hairs from your brows to lift your eyes and brighten your face after completing your back and crack wax.

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