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Spray tans for men

2 Min Read Wednesday 18th April 2012

Why should guys wake up to the benefits of a sunless tan?

Positives of male spray tan treatments.

Step aside ladies; it’s time for the men out there to get a lesson in spray tanning from the experts! A professional spray tan can boost body confidence, improve muscle definition and add a healthy glow to the skin so what are you waiting for boys?

Here are a couple of superb reasons why spray tanning should be at the top of your agenda this spring:

1. You’ll look fit and healthy. The active ingredient in tanning solution, called DHA, gradually darkens the skin cells to create an even colour. This adds vibrancy to lacklustre skin and can help your body to appear fitter. Choose tanning solution that has a low concentration of DHA and you’ll achieve a natural-looking tan rather than an orange hue that looks obvious and over the top – no one will have to know you’ve had a helping hand from a therapist.

2. You’ll appear slimmer. If you want to head to the beach over the summer but haven’t had the time to hit the gym beforehand to enhance your muscle definition a spray tan is the perfect answer. Darker skin generally looks leaner than light skin anyway but ask your therapist to focus on creating a slimmer silhouette if you want to look firm and strong. The application of a darker solution on the sides of your torso, arms and legs will draw the eye inwards and create the illusion that you are leaner than you actually are. Choose the right expert and they’ll be able to help you sculpt your way to a better body image in the space of just ten minutes!


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