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2 Min Read Wednesday 19th October 2016

Sienna X: bringing mobile tanning to the heart of London

With a stunning view of The Shard as the backdrop for some early morning spray-tanning, Sienna X and Carly brought mobile pampering straight to the desks of London’s beauty journalists, with our #SiennaXInTheCity desk tour. Taking the journalists through a professional treatment from Sienna X, Carly was able to demonstrate the benefits of having a premium tan and explained how to create a natural-looking colour with our retail range. The trend was overwhelmingly for a very light, sun-kissed look and we saw some creative use of space for our pop-up cubicle! Our spray-tan tent has now been squeezed into meeting rooms, store cupboards, bathrooms and next to desks‚Ķbut wherever you take your tent our essential therapist tip is to make sure you invest in an extractor fan, to clear the air of any slight overspray.

Get the look the journos love by using our Gradual Self Tan Lotion and build up to your desired colour by applying every other day, with a Luxury Tanning Mitt. The lotion will moisturise and nourish skin, as well as give a light tan. Best of all it doesn’t need to be washed off! Alternatively, ask your Sienna X professional therapist for a light, subtle glow for a touch of colour.

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