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Should I moisturise before a fake tan?

3 Min Read Monday 14th June 2021

We understand you need to be a glowing goddess this Summer, and we’ve covered some of our¬†top tips to ensure that you have the perfect tan¬†but that all-important question, “Should I moisturise before fake tan?” is a key one!¬†

With so many events going on, we know that you want your tan to be flawless every time as well as making sure that your skin is silky smooth, so we’ve got you covered with the lowdown, and a few key tips.

Should I moisturise before a fake tan?

The short answer: be sure to moisturise 24/48 hours before you plan to fake tan.

This ensures that your skin is in the very best condition it can be before a fresh layer of fake tan, as well as exfoliating and removing any unwanted hair of course.

Any later than this could mean an uneven final result.

What happens if I moisturise on the day of my tan?

It happens we know, you want soft, subtle and tanned skin all on the same day. However, should you apply a moisturiser on tanning day, it will actually act as a barrier to your skin, preventing your favourite Sienna X fake tan from transforming you into a glowing goddess.

This can mean uneven, patchy and even scaly results as your tan develops across areas that you’d prefer to be flawless. 

Alternatively, your favourite moisturiser can be used as a barrier cream to protect lighter hairs such as your eyebrows, around the hairline and on any drier areas of the body – think of your moisturiser a bit like the Perfect Primer.

Can I use moisturiser to prolong my fake tan?

Now that you’re a glowing goddess with a flawless fake tan, we know that you want to do everything in your power to prolong your colour.

Since your fake tan will last for around 5-7 days on average, you can use an oil-free moisturiser that isn’t heavily scented – the simpler the better! This is to ensure that any harsh ingredients won’t strip your fake tan colour and leave you glowing for longer.

We would love to see what you get up to with your flawless Sienna X fake tan. Be sure to tag us in any posts or stories you share! 

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