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Self tan for darker skin tones

2 Min Read Thursday 22nd September 2016

Self-tanner has heaps of benefits for darker skin tones.¬†Here’s our list of reasons to try fake tan if you’ve got cocoa-coloured skin and want to experience what sunless tanning has to offer:

  1. When applied on darker complexions, fake tan adds a subtle radiance to the skin that makes it look healthy,¬†firm and youthful. Yes, the final colour change isn’t as noticeable as it is when applied to paler complexions¬†but the tanner does lend the¬†skin a gorgeously rich glow that corrects uneven pigmentation and highlights the curves of the cheekbones and decolletage.
  2. A bit like an airbrush, tanner will still camouflage stretch marks, scars and spots on darker skin, helping to balance out uneven colouration and hide unsightly blemishes. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves muscle definition.
  3. A professional fake tan lifts the complexion and creates a flawless base that hides redness and spider veins, allowing you to cut back on foundation and concealer. Plus, it lasts for up to a week if you moisturise daily.
  4. Your tanning therapist will be able to offer you lots of advice on the choices of colour available, from subtly sun-kissed and lightly caramel to a full-on burnished bronze. The darker your natural colour, the richer¬†the tanner you’ll be able to select. But if you want to give it a try at home then Gradual Self Tan Lotion makes for the perfect trial product for newbies. This gentle tan is applied like a moisturiser and slowly develops over the day. You can re-apply as often as you like to deepen your colour, camouflage marks and uplift your complexion. There’s no excuse not to try it!¬†Order your bottle here!

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