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Pre-holiday spray tans

2 Min Read Thursday 28th July 2016

It’s that time of year again — the kids are off school, the flights confirmed and the bags almost packed! Capitalise on the start of vacation√Ǭ†season by promoting the fantastic benefits of getting a pre-holiday tan to your clients!

It might sound counter intuitive to some clients to tan before a beach holiday so give them a gentle nudge by explaining the reasons why tanning in advance of a vacation has become such a common client request:

  • Lots of people√Ǭ†like to add a touch of sun-kissed colour to their skin before they jet away somewhere sunny because it gives them a head start on achieving a holiday glow.
  • They can confidently strut down that beach in their costume as soon as the airplane hits that tarmac, rather than spending the first few hours√Ǭ†baking in the sunshine, giving them an extra day to soak up the holiday atmosphere upon arrival.
  • Tanning before their holiday also evens out their skin tone and lends their skin a golden radiance without leaving behind any telltale strap marks.
  • Plus, a spray tan makes the perfect base to build more colour on because their skin is still able to√Ǭ†tan naturally under a fake tan. In fact, as√Ǭ†a sunless√Ǭ†tan begins to wear off, the colour is gently replaced by a developing sun tan; a seamless transition!

***Remind your clients that they should always wear sunscreen on top of their spray tan to√Ǭ†protect their skin from the dangers of UV radiation. It’s vital that they use a sun cream√Ǭ†with the correct level of SPF√Ǭ†to√Ǭ†prevent sunburn, wrinkles, skin cancers and premature ageing.***

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