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The new contouring trend: 3D Tanning

2 Min Read Thursday 17th March 2016

Watch out ladies, there is a new trend in town! Loved by Hollywood’s most influential stars, 3D tanning is the new contouring hack. Much like tantouring, 3D tanning uses different depths of colour on the skin to create a more defined and sculpted look, but also incorporates highlighting techniques to bring the look to life.

Unlike the celebs, you won’t need an expensive make up artist to help you achieve a 3D tan, simply follow our simple steps and get ready to snap some serious selfies!

Step 1 – Get a base tan

Visit your local Sienna X Therapist or choose from the Dark Glowing Self Tan or Q10 Bronzing Mousse to create a flawless, all-over tan. Both products are suitable for all skin types, offering a sun kissed glow to porcelain skin tones, and a subtle bronzed colour for darker skin tones.

Step 2 –Sculpt

Use Instant Bronzing Gel to create the illusion of chiselled definition. On the face, use with a foundation brush on the areas where your skin would naturally catch the sun, such as your forehead, sides of the face and tip of the nose. You can also use your product on the décolleté, and on the outsides of your arms and legs, as well as around the upper curve of your breast.

For more confident 3D tanners, looking for a more permanent silhouette, opt for the Dark Glowing Self Tan instead – use the same way but dilute you’re your daily moisturiser when applying to the face.

Step 3 – Accentuate

To create your 3D look, use the Illuminating Pencil Trio. Choose your colour and apply to the cheekbones, cupids bow and collarbone. Use your fingers to blend, leaving a subtle shimmer. If you’re going for a full body look, you can also apply to the curve of your shoulder, down the middle of your arms and legs and to the fleshy part of the breast.        

Fancy the look without the effort? Book in for a contouring treatment with a Sienna X Master Professional, who can provide a star-worthy tan in minutes!

Are you a Sienna X Professional customer looking to offer a 3D tanning experience within your treatment menu? Our Level 3 Spray Tanning Course created by the ‘Tom Ford of Tanning’ James Harknett will provide you with the skills to offer a luxury, bespoke VIP experience for your clients. Click here for more information.


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