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Keeping hygienically clean

4 Min Read Thursday 19th March 2020

Hygiene is always a number one priority when carrying out any treatment, but make sure to care for yourself as well as your client when considering hygiene measures.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your clients protected with increased hygiene during this time:

Hygienic tanning

Fortunately spray tanning is a treatment you can conduct with minimal physical contact, however, here are some useful tips when keeping your tanning treatment hygienically clean…….

Clean down your tanning station in between treatments

One way to ensure a hygienic tan treatment is to sanitise your spray tan station with warm soapy water or antibacterial spray between treatments. Whether you use a tanning booth or pop up tent, it’s always important to keep your area clean and wiped down from your previous client, ready for a hygienic treatment for your next client.

As well as this, always ensure to rinse out your spray tan gun between clients, disposing of excess solution between treatments.

Stay hygienic during your treatment with disposables

Stock up on your disposables, to ensure a hygienic treatment for your client during their treatment. This includes disposable sticky feet, hair caps and disposable pants.

Glove up 

A rule when carrying out any beauty treatment, whether it be tanning, waxing, brows or another, is to always wear disposable gloves during the treatment. This will protect both the client and yourself from bacterial growth.

Hygienic Waxing

As waxing can be an intimate treatment with clients, it’s important to ensure you’re as hygienic as possible, both to protect the client, and to protect yourself.

Our research found that 96% of clients class hygiene as one of their top priorities when having a waxing treatment.

Here are some useful tips when keeping your waxing treatment hygienically clean…….

Keep your work surfaces clean

Always ensure surfaces and work areas are disinfected before each client. Keep a bottle of Sienna X Wax Equipment Cleaner on hand to remove tough, stuck-on wax residue and wax spills from hard surfaces such as your work surface, and around your wax pots.

Never double dip

A big mistake therapists often make when waxing a client is the temptation to ‚Äòdouble-dip’. Double dipping is the act in which a therapist uses a spatula once to apply wax to a client, and then reuses the same spatula to apply more wax to the client later on. This is deemed as extremely unhygienic, as the ‚Äòclean’ wax in the pot, becomes contaminated with the bacteria, hair and even blood from the client which has remained on the spatula.

We recommend that each spatula is disposed of hygienically after each wax application and removal. You can eliminate the need to double dip by using the Sienna X range of disposable wax spatulas – a cost-effective way of providing a hygienic treatment for your clients.

Keeping your hands clean

Therapists should always wash their hands with liquid soap and water before commencing any treatment. We also recommend always wearing disposable latex-free gloves to carry out all waxing treatments to ensure both you and your client are hygienically protected between treatments.

Protecting and cleaning the client’s skin

Pre-wax lotions and pre-wax cleansers should always be used to reduce micro-organisms on the surface of the client’s skin both prior to their waxing treatment, and throughout the treatment. We recommend the Sienna X 3 step treatment program to cleanse, calm and soothe the skin before and after their treatment, featuring the cleansing gel, soothing oil and cooling cr√®me.

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