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Is it normal to wax your tummy hair?

2 Min Read Tuesday 28th November 2017

Although we might not talk about it, belly hair is a common thing. Lots of us have some fuzzy bits or sparse hairs around our navel that lead down towards our nether regions so don’t feel like you’re the odd one out if you feel self-conscious about it. Waxing these hairs away is a simple way to remove them for up to a month and your therapist will be happy to do it for you during a regular treatment.

A tummy wax is usually incorporated into a larger waxing treatment, simply because it takes just minutes to complete. For example, if you’ve booked in for a basic bikini wax the hair outside of your bikini line will be removed from above and below as usual– it’s easy at this point for a waxing therapist to start a few inches further up to cover your tummy area before moving downwards towards your pubic region (as always it’s a personal choice how far down you’d like your therapist to wax but bear it in mind that Brazilian and Hollywood waxes are premium treatments that can cost more than a basic bikini).

Wax will be applied across one side of your lower belly and towards your belly button during a stomach wax. Then a strip will be applied over it and quickly removed, while the skin is held taught, before the other side of your tummy is covered. It’s a fairly quick treatment and a post-wax balm or oil will be massaged in at the end to moisturise, protect and soothe any minor irritation.

And for the fellas out there, waxing over the lower abdomen and chest accentuates the muscle tone and creates the illusion of a leaner physique; no wonder it’s become such a popular male treatment!

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