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Intimate waxing for men

2 Min Read Friday 31st August 2018

How often does the subject of intimate waxing pop up in general conversation? We’re going to guess and say very, very rarely. So if you’ve been thinking about waxing down below and have lots of unanswered questions here’s our lowdown:

Do I have to get everything waxed off?

Not at all! It’s your choice how much hair you have removed. Just because you’ve booked in for a full Hollywood wax (where the entirety of your pubic hair is removed) doesn’t mean you have to go ahead with it all in the treatment room. You can have as little or as much waxed off as you like and stop whenever you feel uncomfortable. There are different waxing styles avaliable so you’ll easily find something that ticks all your boxes.

Will it hurt?

Unfortunately there’s no getting around this bit. Intimate waxing is uncomfortable but with the right therapist you’ll feel relaxed and ready for it.

How long does it take?

An expert therapist will be done within 20 minutes. The discomfort is very short lived and any redness usually disappears within the hour.

Is it embarrassing?

If you’ve never had an intimate wax before it’s normal to feel embarrassed the first time around. However, it does get easier, especially as you get to know your therapist. Also, remember that your therapist has done a million waxes and seen everything before. It’s part of the job to help you feel comfortable.

How long does my hair have to be?

We’d advise avoiding shaving or trimming for about three weeks prior to your wax to allow full growth. This is because each hair needs to be long enough for the wax to ‘shrink wrap’ around each follicle so it can be successfully removed in one movement (no one wants to repeat wax over the same area, especially when it’s over a sensitive spot).

Will my hair grow back softer?

Yes it will grow back softer because each hair will be brand new and tapered at the tip. Finer hairs feel softer to the touch than hairs that have been cut by a razor blade and have a blunt edge.

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