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Instantly add some glamour to your festive look

2 Min Read Friday 5th December 2014

A quick way to amp up your festive outfit.

A sweet-scented shimmer spray for glitzing-up your tan.

Glam up your golden tan this Christmas with a spritz of Sienna X Shimmer Spray.

Available in gold and silver, this glitzy ‘sparkle in a can’ will add a reflective sheen to your skin that will catch the light and illuminate your best bits.

Apply it all over the body or focus on areas that you’d like to highlight, such as the decolletage, to draw attention to your natural curves and contours. Better yet, you can safely spray the shimmer on your Christmas hairdo and your outfit because the sparkly formula washes off easily. The sweet fragrance of the spray will add a sensuous scent to your skin and clothes too! What’s not to love?

Team your shimmery skin with your sparkly party frock and you’ll dazzle every onlooker during this season’s Christmas festivities.

The slim line 75ml bottle also makes a superb stocking filler so why not order today and get your yuletide shopping sorted early? While you’re at it take a look at our other compact stocking fillers, such as our Bronzer and Illuminating Pencil Trio. Both products are handy make-up items that will perfectly complement a sun-kissed tan. Use them to add light and shade to your bone structure, contour your face and sculpt your features.

Applying some Radiance Body Balm to your skin before you use Sienna X make-up products and shimmer spray will add a deeper layer of luminescent sheen – the moisturising formula combines golden flecks of mica that enhance tanned skin and help a golden colour last longer.

So there you have it! Three fabulous ways to illuminate your skin over the happy holidays and into the New Year!



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