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Do I really need a tanning mitt?

2 Min Read Tuesday 12th June 2018

There’s no reason why you can’t use an ordinary glove for fake tanning. As long as you take the time to blend the product in well (and always using circular motions to prevent streaks!) your sunless tan will look spot on. Plus, a glove gives you lots of precision control because you can use your fingers to target key areas.

However, if you can invest in a tanning mitt we’d advise it. Unlike disposable gloves, tanning mitts can be reused over and over again — simply wash with warm soapy water and allow to air dry before storing away for your next treatment.

Also, the surface texture of a tanning mitt makes it perfect for blending tanning lotion over the skin and leaving behind a uniform colour. The fibres absorb some of the product and gently release it back onto the skin as you move the mitt around so there’s a smaller risk of applying too much tanner in one area. That means fewer uneven patches and more of a seamless glow from head to toe. Better yet, because a mitt has a large surface area you can complete your fake tan far quicker than when you’re using gloves and use less product making it super-economical.

When it comes to tanning tricky bits like the backs of your hands tanning mitts are excellent. The residual tanner left on the mitt at the end of your treatment will usually be more than enough to add a gentle touch of colour to your hands. Just sweep the mitt over one hand, wait for it to dry and then switch it over to do the other side.

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