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Why do I get pin pricks on my skin after waxing?

2 Min Read Thursday 7th June 2018

Waxing removes hair from the root and causes trauma to the follicle — it’s this process that can leave behind those tiny pin pricks on the surface of the skin that many of us have experienced.

These pin pricks are nothing to worry about and usually subside quickly, leaving the skin feeling and looking super smooth to the touch. However, it can still be annoying to see them on your skin, especially if you want to get your pins out on the same day. The good news is you can protect your skin from the stress of waxing by prepping it well pre-wax and giving it some TLC post-wax.

Prepping the skin before a treatment by cleansing it can help to reduce pin pricks and prime it for the application of wax. Our cleansing gel is perfect for sanitising the skin and removing impurities from the surface. (Remember that open follicles can leave the skin vulnerable, uncomfortable and at risk of becoming infected with bacteria that might be sitting on the surface. That’s why keeping the it clean after a wax is so important and why regular exfoliation is advised to curb the risk of developing ingrown hairs).

Once your wax has finished a soothing oil or balm will encourage recovery and instantly calm any discomfort, which will again reduce the appearance of pin pricks. Regularly moisturising will also lend your skin a brighter glow.

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