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How to update your salon on a small budget

3 Min Read Thursday 5th September 2019

Overhauling a salon that’s started to look drab around the edges doesn’t mean you have to shell out on an expensive revamp. There are lots of things you can do to freshen up your treatment space¬†(some of them free!) that won’t cost you the earth. And if you add them all up, the results are almost as good as a remodel.

  1. Switch radio stations — a new sound will instantly change the atmosphere. Or why not introduce a mellow hour for older clients who prefer a quieter environment?
  2. Declutter — get rid of old decoration pieces. Keep your space modern, light and open by throwing out dated items.
  3. Clean your storefront¬† — scrub your windows and outdoor signage. This is the first thing potential customers will see walking past. If your shopfront looks dusty and dirty, they’ll assume the same of the inside.
  4. Rearrange your furniture — update your salon’s footprint by moving a few pieces around. This simple change can open up the space and make it look like you’ve had a revamp when all you’ve done is swapped a couple of chairs and repositioned a mirror.
  5. Dye up — instead of buying new towels simply dye your old ones. Opt for a dark shade to cover stains and marks.
  6. Dust and clean every corner — wipe down trolleys and countertops, organise shelving units and reposition units.
  7. Bin it — throw out old reading material in the reception area. There’s nothing like a pile of old magazines to make your salon feel outdated and out of touch.
  8. Landscape the exterior — move potted plants to the pavement entrance to make a feature of your front door.
  9. Repaint¬† — cover scuffs, marks and scratches on the walls with paint. If you stick to the same colour scheme you can get away with applying a single coat and refreshing your entire space within a couple of hours. Do the same on painted furniture and mirror frames.
  10. Change the font — modernise your treatment menus with a fresher, simpler text.
  11. Use storage bins — hide clutter and bits of kit in opaque bins. Having a place for everything will streamline your space in an instant and mean you can tidy up quickly too.
  12. Create a gallery wall — there are lots of free resources you can print out in our business centre.
  13. Change your light bulbs — brighten up your space with a stronger set of bulbs and add a lamp to create layers of light.

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